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So What is Bub’s Toys and Gifts All About?


Bub is not a “who,” but a word that evolved from “Bubbadah!” an exclamation often spontaneously spouted when one of our family members is unable to contain his or her excitement.  (Try it out!  It rolls off of your tongue so much nicer than “Bingo,” or “Holy Cow,” or “Oh My Goodness and All the Stars in Heavens to Betsy!”)  Bubbadah is actually a word one of my nephews created when he breathlessly attempted to tell us several things all at once.  Poor fella!  He was about three years old then, and he’s now all grown up.  You know how it is with families – some things you just never live down!


Bub’s Toys and Gifts sprouted from Bubbadah’s Buys, an online store I created several years ago that sold discount family fashions, gifts and toys on eBay and Amazon.  The store did so well and grew so big that it exploded into two separate stores.  In fact, you can still visit Bubbadah’s Buys on eBay and Amazon and find some fabulous deals on designer clothing!


Here at Bub’s Toys and Gifts I have one very stern desideratum that I call the Peter Pan Precept – “Never Grow Up!”  In order to sell toys, one must simply be the child.  And I think you’ll find from our outrageous selection of bouncing monkeys, smashing Hulk hands, grinding RipStiks, fluttering Tinkerbells and even “pharting” elephants, that everyone might be taking this little rule of mine just a bit too seriously!


Not to leave out our discerning gift shoppers who are searching for the perfect present to celebrate a birthday, marriage or new baby.  Our Wedding and Baby Time Capsules and extensive Bearington Bear Collection are just some of the lines we offer that are sure to cajole an extra hug from that special someone!


I hope you sit back, browse and enjoy what our store has to offer.  If you have any questions about the items we sell, or suggestions for an item we don’t sell, please feel free to Contact Us.  And if you’re excited by your purchase and/or service from Bub’s Toys and Gifts you are certainly more than welcome to give us a  “Bubbadah!” shout out as often as you like!



Joann Woods Yoder